As we start this new adventure, the Arizona Hemp Coalition, we need to come together and work as a team.

To make sure things are up-to-date and followed through and are supported, we need a lot of caring, with tons of  energy from enthusiastic volunteers. Most can be done from the comfort of your own home. Some require specialized skills while others do not.

Arizona Hemp Coalition Support

News/Blog Writers
Facebook Updates
Respond to Email inquiries
Event creation, promotion and staffing
Corresponding to Member requests
Volunteer Coordinator
Project Research

Future Support

Resource tool building
Short Video/Podcast Production

When you become a volunteer with the Arizona  Hemp Coalition, you will receive a free individual membership.  You will have the opportunity to meet individuals, experts and corporations in the field of Hemp.

Please support the Arizona Hemp Coalition, your skills could be the tipping point to making this a very successful program.  If you have any interest in helping out with any of these tasks or have other skills you feel could be helpful to our goals, please advise.

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